Coffee and planning, you cannot live off it alone. In fact, I don’t believe you can just live off coffee alone. Trust me, I’m trying. ? I’ve actually been keeping very busy with all the planning and coffee in the world. 

Today, I simply drank my two large cups of coffee and set up my work goals planner, my new self-care/every day/catch-all planner, and also my business tracking planner.

All three will be set up in the mini Happy Planners that I had received from Joann Fabrics for less than $24 for all three. Score!

My mini Happy Planner with the gold and pink metal medium discs.
My mini Happy Planner with the gold and pink metal medium discs.

You can view my next post and see how I invented some envelopes for my expense receipts for my new business

So, in the end, when you’re learning a lesson, you cannot for any reason live only on coffee and planning. Food is essential. Check on your planner friends, and make sure they’re eating adequate amounts of foods. ?

The truth of the matter is… You cannot live off coffee and planning.

I have learned since being diagnosed with adult ADHD, it’s extremely hard to keep eating. I have absolutely no appetite. Nor do I have a desire to eat anything throughout the day. Stimulant ADHD medications definitely decline your appetite.

I live off coffee most days. I know how unhealthy that is, but I’m trying to real for a second. Sometimes, you do what you got to do.  To ensure that your mental health is healthy, you may compromise your physical health. Ultimately, it’s up to you to find the balance between the two.

So, be kind to yourself. Know that it’s perfectly OK to do the best you can. Don’t try to push yourself too hard. Even if it means, that some days, you live off coffee, planning, and sometimes a little sarcasm. Keep on, planning on, my fellow planner friends!