Now I’m sporting a mini and classic Happy Planner only for my March 2019 stack. Here’s what I changed up: 

I have once again changed up my daily planner stack for 2019. It started with a mixture of multiples of a Big, Classic, and mini-sized Happy Planner. I had added a few Recollection planners in the mix. Needless to say, my eyes were bigger than my actual time schedule. Well, I have reduced that amount of planners significantly. 

Considering the number of planners I had, I didn’t have enough time to write in all of them. Each one had a purpose, as well as a need to be written in each and every day. It was so overwhelming! I don’t know what I was thinking!

Regardless of the frustration, I knew I’d have to dwindle it down. Unfortunately, I had to give up on using a few planners. These planners were even dated! Why on earth would I waste perfectly good planners!?

Possible Destashing?

I have considered giving them to someone who would be interested. Destash my collection. I’d donate to have them begin in April and finish out the year in their new planner. I have a big, mini and classic happy planner that all need a good home! 

Hmm, I’m unsure how I want to approach this. None of it is in excellent shape. However, It would have to go to someone who I know personally and would appreciate starting something brand new. Unfortunately, I will have to think this over a little more. 

More About My Current Stacks

I would love to show you more of my current stacks. The pictures below are what I am and will be carrying every single day. Here are my mini and classic happy planner stack for March 2019. 

My classic Happy Planner with four-in-one planners inside rose gold discs and a classic black hard deluxe cover.

My classic Happy Planner with four-in-one planners inside rose gold discs and a classic black hard deluxe cover.

Aren’t they the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen!? LOL, just kidding. Although, those gold and pink metal rings have to be my favorite. I love the metal discs, however, I wish they’d bring out black metal discs. Black is classic. 

You can see more of my mini and classic happy planner stack and some of the images of what is inside in my IG account: xoxPlannerisms. Also, I’d like to show off my packing list for weekend trips that I copy over and over again

Come back soon and check out much more of what’s inside of my planner with an explanation as to why and how I do things!