This is my April Monthly Spread – before the pen – posted inside of my Classic size medium Happy Planner by Mambi Create 365

I’ve never made a before the pen spread. I, also, never decorate my planner with stickers. However, a good friend of mine told me I wasn’t allowed to buy another sticker book unless I used one. (She might have said use an entire one up, but let’s be realistic here people!) Since then, I have started to use quite a bit of stickers in my spreads.  After justifying it, I bought one more book with a 60% off coupon, it was brought down to just $8.00! 

Purchasing the Gold Star Quotes Happy Planner sticker book from the March 2019 release, I fulfilled my need. I haven’t used any stickers yet because I did not find a good purpose for them but I have decided to start decorating! 

The Spread Details

My 2019 April monthly spread in my classic size Happy Planner is a beauty in my humble opinion. I made all my days off layered with grass washi tape. I found this tape a long time ago when washi was just starting to roll out. (Pun intended) It is Scotch Brand that I bought from Office Depot possible back in 2014. 

My Day's off marked off with grass washi tape.
My Day’s off marked off with grass washi tape.

April 10th is going to be my busy day. It’s my day off and the boys are back at school. It is going to be my “Me Day”. 

My Day's off marked off with grass washi tape.

Sorry, those are not great quality. I took the original photo and cropped it. I loved the touch of the washi tape on the days off, though.

That is my decorated April monthly Happy Planner for 2019 spread. What do you think of my very first decorated spread? I think I did alright for my first try. Do you decorate your planner or are you more of a black and white pen to the paper type of gal?