I thought I would come today and write a quick post and show off my Spring Cleaning Half Sheets that I created for my Classic Size Happy Planner. 

I used Mildliner highlighters, dot-grid Classic Size Happy Planner half sheets, and Michael’s recollection sticker books *not affiliated* (not pictured). 

Using these basic items, I created the following half sheets for all of my spring cleaning needs! 

I categorized each list with which room I would like to work on first. I wrote each room in order of priority to complete. Each room will be broken down into very specific zones or sections that will be completed. 

I decorated these half sheets simply. Although it may look simple, on the contrary, they are still elegant. I think the lettering with the Tombow hard tip Fudenosuke turned out beautifully and it was one of the very first time I had ever written with a hard-tip brush pen! Maybe I am biased, though. 😉

Review for Mildliners by Zebra

  • First, I would like to write a quick review of the Mildliner Highlighters by Zebra shown above. I bought these highlighters on Amazon. *affiliate link above* in the 15 markers count. There are 25 different colors total but I didn’t have funds to buy the whole set at this time.
    • You want to always make sure you highlight first then try to write on the color after. This will prevent any smearing. The colors dry very fast.
    • They’re very mild (thus the name) and are very light in color. They’re not blinding like normal highlighters. The pastel shade of these colors is perfect for note-taking, planning, journaling, bullet journals, and Bible journals.
    • Unlike normal highlighters, these work well to color and draw too. If you see my post for my weekly spread that I made to copy my Girl Gang Happy Planner spread for the first week of April, you’ll see that they’re excellent for highlighting and drawing.
    • The markers/highlighters come with a dual tip. There is a chisel highlighting tip on one end and a brush-type tip on the other. The chisel tip is great for normal highlighting and making straight lines. The marker/brush tip is excellent for making drop shadows, writing very light words to write darker over or to draw light drawings.
    • These are beautiful markers to have for all of your planning and note-taking needs. The colors are light and not blinding making it much more appealing to the eyes.
    • I would love to review the 25 pieces set as well. I will try to do a more in-depth review with a swatch of each color.
Using Mildliner highlighters and pens to draw.
A beautiful page I made in my Girl Gang Happy Planner using Mildliner Highlighters which matched my existing flowers on the page perfectly.

Finally, the Classic Size Happy Planner Spring Cleaning Half Sheet Setup

These Classic Size Happy Planner spring cleaning half sheets were made very simply. With elegance, simplicity, and just a quickly needed jotted note in mind, this is what I came up with.

Spring Cleaning Classic Happy Planner Half Sheets
Spring cleaning half sheets created with Recollection Michael’s sticker book in floral using Mildliners for highlighting and decorating

Each of these has a section for each room or zone that needs to be worked on. I haven’t filled out the entire page yet; I am procraftinating.

Each zone/room will have a list or quick jot down of requirements to get done by priority. Typically, when I make lists like this I like to complete the list for the room in the order of starting in a corner and working my way around in a circle for the entire room. I move in little sections at a time and just work my way around.

I really wish I had a video setup of these sheets. Next time and once I get my bedroom all set up for filming and creating I hope to get that accomplished very soon.

Well, the boys are awake, which means time for this mama to start cleaning up her workstation and office area. In other words, my entire mess of a bedroom that needs to be completely be redone!

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