Mildliners for Happy Planner decoration is the best way to decorate! I was thinking to myself, “How can I use my Mildliner highlighters in a different way other than just highlighting?” I came up with an idea. Happy Planners have very mild colors, right? Why not use the Mildliner highlighters to draw the same designs as the accents on the page!?

That is exactly what I did. I created something similar a few weeks back,  however, I only used single flowers through the page. This creation was the same concept of the art you saw in the corner, but all over the page in the same format. 

Upclose version of the actual flowers on the page.
Upclose version of the actual flowers on the page.

As you can see, I have shown a close-up version of the flowers that Happy Planner’s Girl Gang planner provided in the corner. Those little flowers were my inspiration. 

While I am typically terrible with drawing anything, I figured these would be easy enough. I grabbed my similar colored Mildliners and started adding a few dots in a star-like shape. I added another dot in the middle. There you have it, I had created some flowers.

A few minor details using a black Pilot Precision V5 Pen to match the accents from the corner of the Happy Planner original page and I had created a masterpiece, in my humble opinion.  

Here are the final pages: 

Mildliners for Happy Planner decoration works great because Happy Planners use such mild colors that it’s so easy to match the coloring with these Mildliners! I have also swatch tested my Supertip Crayola markers as well to see if I can get some subtle coloring utensils in a wider array of color. 

Flowers made with mildliner markers/highlighters
Monday through Wednesday of my before the pen spread for week starting on 22nd of April
Flowers made with mildliner markers/highlightersMildliners for Happy Planner
Thursday through Sunday of the week starting with April 22nd.

Didn’t those turn out fantastic!? Although I must say, I wish the colors were a little more subtle like the ones in the corners of the Happy Planner, with that being said, I still absolutely love how they turned out. 

I probably could have gone over the premade flowers with the Mildliners just to give them a little bit of spice to the coloring, but I felt this worked out just fine. 

Final Thoughts on Mildliners for Happy Planner Decoration

Mildliners are by far my new favorite planner accessory! I absolutely love them to add a little spice and color to my pages. Adding them for decoration is even better. The shapes and designs in the corners and accents from the Happy Planner themselves are fairly easy to be redrawn. I cannot wait until July when the accents are ice cream cones!

It will take some time, but, I will definitely have to recreate some of the future accents in those pages as well.

Such an easy way to add a little decoration to your planner without needing all the stickers or much more than some markers and black pen!

I hope you like how it turned out! Would you be willing to steal this idea, create your own and let me know what you created on IG or other social networks by tagging me with @xoxplannerisms!?

Mildliners for Happy Planner
Before the Pen spread for April 22nd, 2019.