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Do you absolutely love the Happy Planner sticker books as much as I do? Have you ever heard of the Recollection Sticker Books found at Michaels Stores?! I have come across the Food Sticker book on clearance at Michaels a few weeks ago. It was my first sticker book ever from the Recollection brand. 

Recollection Sticker Books

Recollection sticker books can be found in the scrapbook aisle at your local Michaels stores or online! These range from $9.99 – $10.49 each.

Beautiful food sticker book with gold foil by Michaels Stores Recollection Brand

They’re absolutely beautifully made stickers! Almost all of them have some type of neutral gold foil in them, a theme, and an alphabet set at the back. They are beautiful for sure – and even better – I don’t believe hardly anyone knows about them! 

I almost always find a 60% off coupon for Recollection washi tape and stickers (for your entire purchase!) and sometimes you can match that together with a 10-20% off your entire purchase coupon as well! With that being said, that would make these sticker books about $2-3 each! Whaaaat!? 

Some of these Recollection sticker books range from 500 to 2000 stickers per book for less than $5 each! That is insanity! 


Flip Through Videos

I am going to be doing a series of flip through videos of the seven (so far) sticker books I have purchased so far! Although, I plan on doing more if I purchase more which I can guarantee that I will! I want to collect them all just as any Happy Planner would collect all those sticker books! Except, these won’t break my bank! #frugalplanner all the way! 

The first video of the series is my • Food Sticker Book • by the Recollection brand. 

I am brand new at videos and editing and definitely talking publicly so please forgive the flubs, awkwardness, and cringe-worthy moments. I am starting with one step forward to build my brand and this is my beginning! 

Check out the video on Youtube on my channel, otherwise, it is below as well! 

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Definitely check out my other videos of the series within my sticker walkthrough and flip through the playlist to stay current on all the books being uploaded. Also, as I purchase more I’ll be adding more! 

Also, be sure to check out my next video in the series as well. 

• Recollection Sticker Book by Michaels Stores • Dates and Days • 

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