Can you believe 2019 is almost 1/3 of the year complete! Here is a time lapse of my 2019 Happy Planner of my previous month’s planner pages. That is, these are including all three of my planners – Catch all, Goals/To-dos, and Self Care/Wellness. 

Now, this flip through is rather quick. I did three separate months for three separate planners together. This is a complete video of my year so far up until the beginning of May. 

My 2019 Happy Planner has made so many different changes so far this year! I have added, combined, removed, and completely dismantled this planner over and over again. That being said, I could not be happier. 

The Things I Love Most About My 2019 Happy Planner

I absolutely LOVE Happy Planner for the sheer fact that I can remove and re-add pages with no problem! Also, I can remove entire calendar sections, add multiple planners together, and more. As well as, I do not need to worry about having multiple planners or sets of discs laying around my house. I simply can add all my planners in one book! 

Above, this is my very quick, edited flip through of my last four months of planning. Basically, the first third of the year is complete and I cannot believe it’s practically over with already. Before we blink, 2022 will be here and my son will graduate high school! Oh lordy! 

I just wanted to give you a glimpse of what my planners look like. Decorated, undecorated, just paper and pen… they’re always different and always changing. I got to keep my mind interested in changing things often. This is how I accomplish that. Making a lot of changes with the positioning of sections, also, with how the pages look themselves. 

Check out my •YouTube Channel for lots more flip through and walk through videos of my current set up and even a sneak peek into my July 2019 setup when all of it is going to change!