Good morning, everyone! I came here with great news. New to the shop, I have printable planner inserts available now! I will showcase the new inserts below. You can, but, buy these inserts at my Etsy Shop for a great price. Be sure to check below for a coupon code, which is available, for you! Also, you can find free planner printables here, as well.

Printable Planner Inserts update on 05/07/2019

New to my shop, you can find my Mildliner [highlighter] printable planner inserts. These are great for your deep cleaning home it needs! , you can use these to mark off those big projects you need to do for your deep cleaning in your home! As well as, having room after room of projects completed? These will help. You can find these in my Etsy shop. They are available in Big/Letter size (8.5″ x 11″). These are resizable, scaled, or reduced to print to any size you would need for your personal use. I also sell these in Classic (7″ x 9.25″) and Mini (4.63″ x 7.5″) Happy Planner sizes as well. 

For example, I will provide you with some a sneak peek to the inserts and their colors available. As well as, listed in ten different colors. These match some of the Mildliner Highlighter colors you would find. 

Project Planner Printables

I have another set of planner printables available on my Etsy Shop. These inserts are bolder in color and shine! But, these might take up a little more ink to print, but they’re colored. 

project planner inserts in bold colors

So, these printable planner inserts are also available in all three sizes. In fact, the big/letter size printable in 8.5″ x 11″ prints at any planner size. Likewise, these come in Classic Happy Planner size and Mini Happy Planner size, as well.


Also, these project pages are available double-sided. They are colorful on both sides of the paper. But, no worries about printer ink! The bold ink color is only 0.5″ wide on top and bottom of the page and the rest of the page is a very light dot or grid color. This shouldn’t waste too much ink. 

Finally, you will see some examples below of the project pages that you would receive. 

In conclusion, find all these printable planner inserts used in my personal planner. As well as, in the Etsy shop. Along with lots more content for your planner needs.

Please use coupon code: FAVES20 for 20% off your next order – no minimum required. Finally, check back soon for the big reveal of a new launch I am doing sometime this week!