Vintage Botanical Happy PlannerThe Vintage Botanical Happy Planner was one of my unicorns. Finally, I found her yesterday! Can I just say, she’s an absolute beauty! 

Yesterday, while the husband and I went for a quick errand run we passed Hobby Lobby. He asked if I would like to stop. Of course, I did! With a quick eye roll, he pulled in. We walked through and did a quick glance over. Although, it was the first time I had ever gone to this location as it was brand new. 

We walked through and I had one mission. I had to look for the Happy Planner products. I had no idea where to find them! Then, I spotted them! Right down a random aisle, hidden among everything else! 

Quickly glancing through everything, the husband was already impatient, I spotted her. She was all alone, only one single on the shelf. In fact, the entire selection of Happy Planner content only had one item on the shelves! 

Reviewing Happy Planner’s Vintage Botanical

I purchased her immediately. Priced at what was supposed to be 40% off, she rang up at 50% off! I felt as though finding my unicorn AND at 50% off, it was going to be a good day. 

I immediately came home and got my camera set up. Below you’ll find my review for the Vintage Botanical Happy Planner. Now, this is a Hobby Lobby exclusive, similarly,  you can find all kinds of Happy Planner products at Michaels Stores. Included, I found my Sassy Neon Happy Planner and Wellness Planner Happy Planner
My Vintage Botanical Happy Planner Review

As you can see, I cannot wait to use this planner! It is just so dark, elegant, and classy. A black pen is going to be one of the only things put inside of it. No other decoration unless I find something specific like floral stickers to match. 

Also, This will be going into my July setup. You can see how I plan to put other planners into one set of discs here. Although, I think that has changed about 10 times since I have since written about it. I will do a walkthrough video of my newest possible July setup very soon! 

So, what are your thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment below if you would like to see my setup on video my July planners how I will make the four most different planners all work with the same blush pink discs! 

If I get enough requests to do it, I will definitely set something up to show you all before July hits! 

Thanks for stopping by everyone. Keep on planning on. Spread Kindness Like Confetti!

•• Black Deluxe Quilted Cover I will be adding to this and shown on my every day carry planner.
•• Classic/medium silver metal deluxe discs shown on my very day carry.
•• I think these Recollections Floral Sticker book will work perfectly for this planner.