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screenshot xoxPlannerisms on 05/26/2019xoxPlannerisms New Email Subscription

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June is around the corner! 

June is just around the corner, are you ready? I have updated my June spread and I am going to share it with you all! Granted, I wasn’t able to do too much with updating lately, I have had a little time to decorate for June. Minimally, I have matched the Girl Gang Happy Planner divider which you can see in the featured photo, and used my Mildliner Highlighters to draw some ice cream cones to match! 

As you can see, I used a ton of the stickers from the Recollections Food Sticker Book I reviewed in these pages. Now, it seems very plain, I can assure you, it will fill up quickly with so much more! You can see here that it has lots of different Popsicles, snow cone, and ice cream stickers to decorate the various pages. I also used a lot of drawn Mildliner Highlighters icons, as well! With that being said, you can make your very own spreads just like this one with markers, highlighters, or whatever other types of drawing material you’d like! It’s super easy! 

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