This is my video on my Happy Planner Social Media Planner. Come, set up in my business Vintage Botanical Happy Planner. So, talk to me and decide how to best utilize my time! In the entrepreneur world, I become a business owner and plan my social media plans with you. However, I’m not sure how to get this processed. 

For instance, I printed some stickers from I plan ahead, per usual. Of course, I decide to be CONSISTENT in my planner. You can purchase these stickers I use. And, use your own social media stickers in your own planner! 

So, chat with me. While I plan what my next few weeks look like socially. Well, what do you think? Also, am I thinking too big with my plans for a beginner? Let me know in the comments below!

Watch my first video on this business planner here

Social Media Planner Video
Watch my social media planner setup. I set up my social media plans in my business Happy Planner in Vintage Botanical.

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These videos aren’t as consistent as I like. However, I am hoping with a little more stability in my home/work life, I can grow to be more consistent. Please check the blog regularly for updates on the shop and other social media. 

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•• The deluxe Happy Planner cover shown is for the everyday planner I carry.
•• A floral sticker book I use works perfectly for this planner is the Recollections Floral Sticker book found here.
•• Also, purchase these social media stickers I use in my shop as printable stickers!

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