Come, plan with me on the week of June 17th! It’s a busy week! However, I prepared for it. I created and decorated my planner with flair this week. Although, more flair than usual, anyway. I watched and reviewed content on Instagram and Youtube and learned what people really like. So, I decided to try, as well. 

With that being said, planning is 100% for my own pleasure. However, I am content-focused and user-friendly, as well. 

Here is my spread for the week of June 17th. 

Week of June 17th

Plan with me Week of June 17th
Plan with me Week of June 17th

As you can see, Monday is a busy day! We have my youngest’s first day of camp. He goes to day camp every year. It’s only during the day – not overnight, however, he still loves it. It gets him out of the house and out of my oldest’s hair for the majority of the day. 

I also have a huge merger with my employer on Monday. We’re taking on an about thirty plus thousand customers today. It’s going to be absolutely insanely busy. In fact, I don’t get a lunch today. My single break will be approximately five hours after I arrive. Busy! 

I took a video of this week’s spread, as well. I included a meal planner, to-do list, accomplished list, grocery list, along with a brain dump section. It’s on a bullet journal type additional page in my catch-all planner. I figured a busy week means lots more need to write. 

As you can see, I decorated a little more than I typically do. I added additional elements to the page itself – including that flip out page with a list for my business, as well. 

So, what do you think? A little different’ than I’m used to, but I think it might stick around! 

How does your week look this week? Any big plans? Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to check out my Instagram for daily updates

Also, I’ll be posting a weekly Friday overview of some of the posts, social media content, and Etsy Shop content there. 

Also, don’t forget to bookmark my latest dimensions and sizes page for my Vertical Happy Planner. I made a quick reference tool for everyone when making content, stickers, or pages for their planners!