Well, everyone, I did it. I went out and purchased a brand new Cricut Explore machine **affiliate link** see my affiliation disclaimer page for more information! And, I couldn’t be more excited to start creating ALL THE THINGS!  It took every ounce of my being not to run out and purchase one as soon as they were on sale. 

I waited for a few weeks. In fact, I waited over two months before deciding. Finally, the price of the Cricut machine dropped down to over 50% off! •YMMV – Limited time offer• Enough was enough! I had to have that machine! 

After a long, tiring day at work, I finally treated myself. Although, this wasn’t necessarily a treat only to myself. But, this was a business expense as I planned on making so much more for the shop

Cricut Explore One machine for 50% off! However, sales like this are rare and the chances of finding a machine like this for 50% off is unheard of! It was meant to be! A single, lone machine, sitting on the shelf, marked off fifty percent asked to be purchased. And, I couldn’t wait to do so! 

I brought her home. Ms. Ancient was no longer going to cause me any fuss. I opened her up and I was so happy. Yes, I’m aware that this model is one of the first in its series. It’s old too. It’s not 10+ years old, though. 

Unboxing the Cricut Explore

Unboxing the machine was simple enough. There was a lot of little stickies and things in place to ensure nothing moved around. 

Everything I needed was inside. However, this wasn’t a bundle. I didn’t receive any additional tools or anything. So, I need to invest in these next. If, I do a lot of weeding projects with vinyl. VINYL ALL THE THINGS! 

Steps out of the box were to plug everything in and start her up. Also, I don’t know why she’s being referred to as a person. Let’s roll with it. ? So, straight from the box, you are given a sheet of vinyl. Also, you’re provided with a tutorial on your first cut. Let me say this. This, this was 100% EASIER than something every done on a Cricut before! 

First Project

My first project was supposed to be a little circle emblem that said “create” that was pre-determined by the makers of Cricut. While doing the tutorial, I decided to go for something a little bigger.

I made up a new design. I did it. Also, I did learn to navigate the programming. Since I had some experience, the Cricut machines, I didn’t struggle too much. Otherwise, the tutorial provided is an excellent way to learn how to use your new machine! 

So, here’s what I made as my very first project for my brand new machine: 

my very first project with my cricut explore machine! I named it!

Isn’t it beautiful!? ? I am pleased with how it came out! Sure, it wasn’t welded, so, whoops. Also, I didn’t center the sticker at all! But, in my eyes, it’s perfect! 

I cannot wait to show you all the things I make with my new Cricut Explore machine! Please, check out my Michaels links throughout this page to get your very own Cricut Machine! 

Obviously, the deal was insane. The chances of this machine for 50% off price tag is downright unheard of! However, don’t you fret! I’ll provide any sales or coupons on my Instagram page bio links to provide you codes daily to your favorite craft stores! 

Be sure to check back very soon! As I stated, I will post all my ups and downs with the joys (and heartbreaks) of owning an Etsy shop and being a brand new business owner with all of you! Only transparency here, folks!