My She Shed that I designed but never got built - lots of natural light.I asked for a She Shed, I did not get one. I did, however, take my bedroom office and did a makeover! My office is small but modest. I’m saying, queen size bed, two full dressers, a desk, a card table, a whole mess of other tables and shelves and bookcases. This, all crammed into one tiny space.

As you can imagine, this hasn’t been the easiest to work with. It ain’t no she shed! However, I am doing my best to make it work. 

Husband and I went to the local hardware ‘big box’ store yesterday to check out countertops. Our plan is to buy a large enough countertop to just attach to the wall. This would provide a work area for me; it would provide ample space to have everything out at once. I want to be able to have my printer, brand new Cricut Machine among, other tools all lined up so I can just work.  

Bedroom Office (before) Makeover

My little corner bedroom office that I squeezed into a small space.It started off as a dark and dingy bedroom. I have turned it into my little work area. My room wasn’t even going to be my office. But, there was no other place in the house to call my own. I claimed the bedroom as my own.  

After some rearranging and deciding to move a lot of furniture. I made a small nook for myself in the corner. Just a little desk with some decoration to go around it. Everything was themed with gold. I guess it would do for now. 

My planner bag since I had no planner space to call my own.My Planner cart all filled up with planner goodies. Planner cart is from Michael's Recollections. I wasn’t thrilled with it though. I was still working out of a bag or my planner cart! Everything was in the living room, then moved upstairs to the bedroom. I had no single place that I could work! 

After Shots

Finally, enough was enough. I rearranged my small little bedroom office and did another makeover. My bedroom office makeover - how to turn a small little corner of your bedroom into a home office.

As you can see, my space isn’t decorated to have matching colors. Hell, isn’t even all one color. I have wood, brown, grey, some white, some colors, some hot pink, and a few of my favorite things ♫♪. However, a theme or anything that corresponds with something else is something I do not have. 

With that being said, this space is my home. I made it my own. I have space for my planner cart, all my coloring supplies, and my brand new Cricut. I have room to plan out my weekly spreads, as well! 

I plan on redoing the entire thing, eventually. Everything will match. It will have a large white countertop space. The countertop will be desk height, going underneath the window and lighting setup I have for filming. 

I will post pictures as I start to remodel. Typically, we get things done in a days time so don’t expect it to be a few posts worth of projects. Obviously, it will be a work in progress as things come along. However, I don’t plan on making this an entire demolition. Although, a ‘she shed’ would be a pretty fun, amazing project to do! ? A girl can dream, right?

Do you have a space to call your own? Even if it’s not pretty or Instagram picture-perfect worthy! I want to see it! Tag me ‘xoxplannerisms’ on your favorite platform so I can see your space!