As most of you already know, I transformer planner all my planners. If you have no idea what I am talking about – LOL – Transformer planners are planners that are multiple planners in one. That’s my understanding at the least. 

My deluxe Happy Planner currently has five different planners in it. I’ll break them down for you. 

Transformer Planner Breakdown

Each planner has a purpose, and every purpose has a reason. I currently house five planners inside one set of metal medium/classic blush discs. These were exclusive to the Vintage Botanical Happy Planner. 

My catch all planner for July in my transformer planner

First is my catch-all planner. This is where everything and anything goes and belongs. I write my work schedule, the boys’ school summer schedules, just a quick jot down of appointments, etc. By the end of the month, this gets full of everything you can think of. My catch-all planner is a little bit of something from everything in all aspects of my life. 

My Color Block Planner for Block Scheduling.

Each section of my Happy Planner has a front page designed for it. This is called Frankenplanning.

My transformer planner has a title page for all the sections. If they do not have a title page then they’re the divider that comes along with each section. Obviously, they’re just the divider for that month. The planner you see above is from the Sassy Neon 18 month Color Block Planner. This is going to be my block-schedule color-block planner. I haven’t decided yet, and I really need to do so soon. However, I have to decide whether or not this will be my to-do list for the next day.

I’ll write a list on the night before for the next day. OR, is it going to be my accomplished list and write down what I accomplished in each block for the day? I guess I will have to figure out which works better for me. I don’t necessarily want to write a to-do list. Because, to be honest, as much as I love crossing things off my lists, I don’t like how it looks to have lines and crossed off items in my planner. To me, that makes it look messy. With that also being said, I do this all the time and it would make no difference, anyway. 

My Business Planner

Vintage Botanical Business Planner will be set up for July.

I talked many times before how I would like to set up my business planner for July. I intend on making an entire section of to-do goals, business plans, what I accomplished each day for the business, etc. Currently,  I’m writing all these items into my Google Calendar. Quite frankly, it’s driving me bananas! I cannot wait to jump into July to finally write it there. 

I have a little sneak peek that I’ll be showing in the upcoming week. Be sure to check back for that! You can also see a flip-through of previous transformer planner pages on my Instagram posts

My business planner setup has been documented via YouTube videos as my social media and business plans start to get closer. You can see them here. plan on utilizing this planner as a strict business, social media planner. 

4th Planner – Wellness Planner Transformer Planner

The setup for June for my Wellness Happy Planner however, I plan on changing it up a little for July.

So, you can see the setup for June above. However, I plan on making it a little different for July. It’s going to start with the same concept. Two colors – one for sleeping hours and one for mood. Each day is going to provide me with either a prompt to do, a quote to read, or something positive. I want to have nothing but wellness in this planner. You can check out the 18-month Wellness Planner from Happy Planner here. 

I also created some pretty awesome stickers. The color scheme on the Wellness Happy Planner, well, it’s weird. It’s orange, blue, purple, and quite frankly, I don’t like it much. However, I made some matching stickers to glam it up a little bit. These stickers include lots of prompts to write in symptom, meds, attitude, mood, and self-awareness checks. It also provides you a lot of time to unplug and take a break from everyday social media. 

I want to write a full journal note every day of gratitude and just overall well-being in this planner. 

That’s Four – Where is the other one? 

The other planner(s) (not pictured) hasn’t been decided yet. I have two additional planners that I didn’t picture here. One, my Empowered Women Happy Planner that was available for 2019. I also have my Mod Greenery planner that is all tropical and beautiful – only for 2019. 

Also, I have two additional planners that I’m unsure of what I’m going to use them on! At this time, I think I’m going to leave them out. I don’t want to overwhelm myself come July. I mean, it already takes me a solid 20-40 minute planning session to get everything written into these four listed above. 

We will have to see come July which ones I’ll utilize the most. Simply put, I absolutely have to utilize the ones listed above. However, I want to include the other two as well. I don’t want to overwhelm myself. I especially don’t want to get carried away in the ‘I have too many planners I don’t know what to do with’ span either. 

How about you? How many planners do you have? Do you have some in July that is beginning, as well? Tell me about them in the comment’s down below!