Now, if you follow on any social media outlet, you know these camping stickers aren’t new. However, I promise that these are newly improved and updated! 

I learned quite a bit over the course of the last few months! Also, since I got my very own machine, I learned how to create digital versions of printable planner stickers. 

My camping stickers are no exceptions. I nursed this set of graphic images since approximately six years ago when I created each one dot-by-dot. 

Now, I understand that these are not brand new. However, I really wanted to share the story behind why they’re so special to me! Each item listed above is apart of the entire camping sticker set found on Etsy

Also, what you don’t know is that these images and graphics were all handmade by me over six years ago! And, I used to own a pixel shop named Pixel Hollow Designs. Of course, I got the name from my inspiration of Pixie Hollow from the Tinkerbell movies because Tink is my favorite. 

I used to pixel for hours! However, I grew tired of doing so when my pixel shop was not hitting off in the market. It wasn’t the right timing. It wasn’t the right market. I was making ‘realistic looking graphics’ while everyone wanted cartoon/cute type graphics. I wasn’t in the right market with my designs. 

The History of These Camping Stickers

Now, these particular stickers came from my very first big set of pixels. I sold a set of pixels that was well over 5,000-pixel images and graphics! I never sold a single set. Unfortunately, everything was too realistic looking for the market I was in. 

The original post of these graphics from my old pixel site Pixel Hollow

As you can see from the awesome gif file I have, these date way back. These were all sold as pixels at one point in time. Unfortunately, the pixel sets never sold as graphic images, so I put all the pixels away. 

Six years later, I dusted off the files and brought them back out. I got back into planners, as they are one of my biggest passions. And I decided to create some planner stickers with these graphic images. 

More Details on Where You Can Purchase

With that said, this entire set of camping stickers is a great deal! Now, if you purchase each individual set, they’re priced individually. Buying the entire set of camping planner stickers will provide you almost three or four full sticker sheets for free! 

You can find each individual set on my Etsy Shop under my Printable Stickers listings

Details About What You Receive

Each zip folder and purchase includes the following: 

  • An entire zip folder full of PNG camping sticker files. 
    • these files can be used for print to cut feature on Cricut machines on Design Space
    • you can also use these images as transparent digital stickers for your digital planner files and books
    • easy print to cut features will send these files directly from the printer to your cutting machine
  • An entire PDF file of all the printer ready files of these sticker sheets if you do not own a cutting machine. Now, if you don’t own a cutting machine like Cricut or Silhouette, you can easily print these off on any sticker paper. Simply cut these out individually or with an x-acto or crafting knife. (some affiliate links applied)
  • A zip folder full of JPG files for printing if you do not have a PDF reader. 
  • All files do come with plain black and white cut files as well. That way if you have an old outdated Cricut or cutting machine that uses something other than Design Space, you will still be able to cut them out. 

Also, there are over 2000 stickers available in this set! You aren’t going to believe what you get! So, check out the set which is available now on Etsy!

Check these stickers out and so many more varieties now available on Etsy as printable stickers for your planners!