Guys! It’s here! July is finally here! So, you know that what means!? Our July planner setup, to catch all, business, social media, work, family, and any other type of planners you can think of, can begin! Now, are you excited as me? 

July, for me, has been anticipated! Since then, I went through my very first big Happy Planner release. Although, my first one, I learned a lot about releases. Like the following: 

  • do not run out to the store the day of the release – the store probably won’t even have it
  • don’t expect to find it until months later! 
  • there is a reason they are released months prior to the beginning (i.e. July releases beginning in March) Everyone gets what they want immediately. Please, be patient. You will find it! 
  • Some items, they’re unicorns regardless. Like the Botanical sticker book that seemed to never exist it was so hard to find.

Of course, except until now, when it’s available. 🙄 

So,  what do I have in store for July? A lot of great things are coming. Can you feel it, too?! 

Monthly view of my Girl Gang Happy Planner in July

Now, I don’t know about you. But, I feel like May and June went by so quickly and they just smacked a lot of people across the face. Do you agree? I feel like they were hard months! 

However, onward to bigger and better things! 

July, this month is going to be different! I can feel it. 

July Planner Setup

As you can see, my July looks bare from up above. Taken in the middle of June, prior to adding important dates and times. I try to decorate a few months in advance. Because I’ll never get a decent #beforethepen spread picture, I do it in advance. I fill out the month one to two months in advance. 

The first week of July has the 4th in it. So, it’s always a weird week. My youngest doesn’t have a day camp for three days. Also, everyone has that weird random day off in the middle of the week. Now, if you’re like my husband, you were smart and took off the 4th and 5th this year. 

First week view of my Girl Gang Happy Planner in July

I’ll show you all the #afterthepen spreads once I get these weeks filled up. I love the white space. However, in a lot of cases, I love my planners to be filled up to the BRIM with information! Although, white space is great to make you not feel cluttered. To me, a nice covered planner tells me that I’ve accomplished a lot of tasks and got a lot done. 

The Rest of July’s Setup

So, the rest of July has different items that will be coming up. As well, the 4th of July may fall on the first week. I have a vacation that goes from week two until most of week three!

camping spread and second week view of my Girl Gang Happy Planner in July

We’re going camping! I cannot wait. We’re not prepared at all. But, that’s OK! We’re going to totally wing it and just hope for the best!

Also, vacation lasts through almost all of the following week. I have off through Thursday. However, we return from camping on Monday. It should be a great weekend. 🤞🏼 One can only hope, right!?

Third week view of my Girl Gang Happy Planner in July

Depending, this entire month could flip everything upside down. I’m hoping to move into much bigger and better things in many aspects of my life. In fact, we will find out this week where I’m headed next in my journey called life. Whether, a career change, another position in the same company, or the capability to make my side hustle a full-time position. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 

fourth week of view of my Girl Gang Happy Planner in July

Finally, the ending weeks of July seem like ages from now. However, I’m excited to be able to fill it up with all brand new schedule. And, of course,  lots of new things for my next journey.

So, check back frequently and see how July turns out as I post more after the pen spreads and let you know how the week is going mid-week as well!

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