Using multiple planners for a beginner isn’t something I recommend immediately. However, if you own a planner for some time. Also, you have gotten into a habit of writing into a planner, then, this might be the best option for you. 

Using multiple planners isn’t the easiest thing to do. It takes a lot of time setting up planners. However, you utilize your planner to work with you and not against you. Then, you find that using multiple planners would be the best for you. 

What are my multiple planners?

Currently, I am using four different planners in one set of discs. Inside of my blush discs from my Vintage Botanical planner, I currently house four planners. 

These planners include: 

Girl Gang Happy Planner was available for 2019 only. However, you can purchase a very similar planner called the Squad Goals Happy Planner *affiliate link* from Michael’s Stores. 

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Girl Gang – Catch-All Planner

My Girl Gang catch-all planner is exactly what it sounds like – my catch-all and everything planner. So, whatever doesn’t work into my other three designated planners will fall within this planner. Typically, my catch-all planner includes my work schedule, doctor’s appointments, and everything else that I end up jotting down here. 

The entire month of July for my Catch All Happy Planner in my Girl Gang Happy Planner.

My catch-all planner is one that I decorate each month. Sometimes, I decorate it for a month in advance. In fact, July and August were decorated for their monthly calendars back in June.

Decorating in advance saves so much time! I mean, you already have all your stickers out, why not decorate the entire month ahead. Therefore, you snap photos of everything on the same day – that way you have a perfect #beforethepen spread for each week and a decorated planner all ready for you once the week begins. 

Sassy Neon – To-do & Accomplishments Planner

My Sassy Neon planner has changed its purpose many times. But, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it into a color block schedule planner. Also, I wanted to have a set to-do each section of a block schedule. Although, I wasn’t sure how I’d use the blocks, though. Then, I was going to use it for writing to-do lists only. However, I wanted it to be more organized.

I was all over the place with what this planner was going to be! I knew I wanted to write a to-do list or write my accomplishments – but how?!

Finally, I decided on both. If it is in the present tense, then it means it’s a to-do item. If it’s in the past tense, then it means it’s an accomplishment. I fill it out accordingly. However, if it is a to-do list I usually make a small simple “check mark” in the box to say I’ve accomplished that task.

The to-do list and accomplishment list in my multiple planners setup for the Sassy Neon Happy Planner setup to write in present and past tense.

Vintage Botanicals – Business Planner

I have talked about this planner many times before. Like, when I explained months ago how I’d set up my July planner as a business planner.  Also, I talked about how I’d set it up as a social media planner. Ultimately, I stuck with both. It is used as both – a business planner and a social media planner. So far, it’s working out great! More on that later though. 

Here’s the setup for July so far: 

My Vintage Botanical Happy Planner set up as a business and social media planner for the entire month of July.

Wellness Planner – Final use in my multiple planners

Well, my wellness planner is self-explanatory. It’s used for my wellness, well-being, and mental health treatment.

I track everything in my wellness planner from a med tracker, symptom tracker, and more.

Right now, I’m using my Wellness sticker set from my Etsy Shop that is available now! I cut these out with my brand new Cricut Machine! It uses a lot of different ways for me to track my mood and hours slept so I have a good record for my doctors. Also, it helps me track how I am doing overall in my health, both physical and mental.

My Wellness planner in my multiple planners setup all set up for July using my Wellness sticker pack from Etsy on xoxPlannerisms etsy shop.

So, those are my four planners as of right now. I have two more planners to use and I haven’t quite figure out how I want to use them! That’s how they are set up for July, so far. However, I’m sure that will change again sooner than later.

What are your thoughts on my other two planners? I have a regular lined vertical classic Happy Planner, and a regular block/boxed vertical classic Happy Planner to continue to use until the end of December. What should I use those two planners for? Leave your ideas in the comments down below!