Now, this isn’t going to be your typical post from xoxPlannerisms. To be honest, I don’t know what type this will end up being. Whether a rant or a suggestion, it will end up being something. So, how is planning overwhelming? 

Have you ever felt like life has been overwhelming or just too much? What about when you suddenly realize you have an ABUNDANCE of planners and have no where to begin? You have too many to take on at once? 

That’s when you step back and … 

Happy Planner - Progress not Perfection

Progress Not Perfection; Planning IS Overwhelming! 

It’s all about delivery. So, I don’t mean delivery as just making it happen. No, I mean, delivery as in the who, what, where, why, and hows of delivery. 

You do NOT have to deliver! Say, it’s 7 pm. It’s been exhausting day at the job. You just want to go to sleep. Ugh, but your planner. You’ve got to jot stuff down. Ugh, and that absurd to-do list? The way I look at it, you’ve got three choices. 

  1. You can open that planner or in my case planner(s) and just start writing and just do it – tired or not. 
  2. You can write down a quick jot, don’t bother to look at the to-do list for tomorrow. You’re just far too tired. 
  3. You save it all for tomorrow, and head to bed. 

Which one would you choose? Honestly, I’ve done all three. None of them escape me and none of them are the right answer. You choose whatever you want to do – why? Because planning shouldn’t be overwhelming!

Overwhelmed with Blogging

I’ll be 100% completely honest. I haven’t blogged in forever! I started a new job, I’ve been actually sleeping 7-8 hours a night and I’m not used to it. I’m used to be an insonomiac and staying up until 2-3 am. Or, as of this last year, going to bed around 8-9 pm and waking up at 2-3 am – kinda like today. 

I haven’t wanted to blog. I’ve been exhausted. I know I have to find stock photos. I know I have to make captions and make sure the SEO is substantial. I know, progress not perfection. I, also, know how much work that goes into it, as well. However, I need to make it my duty to work on progress not perfection. That is why, what photo you’re looking at for this blog post is simply one I took over the weekend. 

Imagine this, it was a beautiful 80°f outside. There was a slight breeze. My boys were mowing the grass and playing around the backyard. So, I grabbed my planner, a waterbottle, my bag of my favorite Mildliners and pens and I set up camp outside. I grabbed our umbrella so I didn’t fry in the sun. I laid in the chair and I planned. I planned for a solid two hours. I could have been working. I could have been making content for my shop. 

Also, I could list about 300 chores that needed to be done around the house. Instead, I took some time for myself, enjoyed my family outdoors and did something I love to do – I planned. It wasn’t overwhelming. It wasn’t a MUST. Sometimes, you got to figure out what YOUR priorities are. At the time, my shop, my blog, heck my entire online life didn’t exist because it was just me, the sun, and my book. At that time, that’s all  that mattered. 

So, when planning is overwhelming…

You have three choices. 

  1. Just do it. 
  2. Do some of it. 
  3. Do none of it. 

The choice is yours, and yours alone. I know that’s incredibly vague but as I am growing older, and realizing, life is incredibly vague and sometimes you gotta take what you can get no matter what the situation or outcome. You take what is given to you and you just roll with the flow

So, there. I blogged really quickly. It wasn’t perfect. Hell, I’m going to read the SEO for this it and it’s going to be like ALERT ALERT YOU DID TERRIBLYHowever, I just wanted to tell you all. I was a bit overwhelmed with blogging and planning and life. I’ve been so busy with the shop and getting almost 100 listings on there that I haven’t had time to get stuff done around here!

I’ve lost affiliation contracts, followers, and more simply because I didn’t have the time to run a full time business, full time job, and full time mom/wife life. 

Sometimes, you got to be the one to ‘be the bigger man’ and choose which one is right for you. 

I make no promises, but I think I’m going to give progress instead of perfection a try again and again over the next few weeks when it comes to xoxPlannerisms as a brand, a blog, and a name… Wish me luck! 

— Nikki