Hey everyone, really quick post. So I did a bedroom office makeover this past weekend! I’ll show you the before and after photos and explain kind of what’s been going on with xoxPlannerisms.com

So, our room has been transformed since the little desk that could has been moved from the basement, to our bedroom. However, my office space has grown and grown since. 

Husband moved my little desk upstairs about six months after we moved in. He wasn’t using it for his computer anymore and I finally had a place to call my own. 

Before: Bedroom Office Makeover

Now, here is what the long, long time ago bedroom looked like before. *goes and rummages through thousands of images to find ONE picture just for you guys!* 😉 Yes, gotta love Google Photos image search! Found it. 

Ok, so here’s what it looked like about four years ago when I finally got my desk upstairs and a place to call home! 

my original desk setup for my bedroom office back in 2015

Isn’t it… uhhh… pretty? Haha! 

Unfortunately, I was missing the bottom drawer because hubs still had a ton of stuff downstairs of his in it. I was so proud to have a place to plan and journal. Now, skip ahead four years… yes, four years. And, I was back into planning and decorating. Basically, I wanted to make my space my own! 

Since, I was back into planning and decorating, I was also back into spending money. 🙄 Which, also meant countless trips to the dollar store and Michaels craft stores to pick up unnecessary items. 

So, I rearranged the bedroom completely! This little desk moved from one corner to the other! 

Rearranged my bedroom and moved from one corner to the other

High quality photographs, can I get a … well, not a anything, those are terrible!!! Anyway, I moved my desk into the other corner and the bed, too. Which, seemed to open up the bedroom even more! Amazing how placement of furniture really turns and entire room around! Now, with all this new found space, and my little ‘corner of sanity’, as I called it. I needed to make it my own. 

Now, more high quality photographs of transformations coming your way!

However, you’ll be able to watch me grow. Because, remember my business was just starting as this transformation began. I started taking a lot more photographs of my planners. Also, I started filming videos on Youtube

So, I’ll just post a few more photos as things changed and as xoxPlannerisms grew. 

October 2018: 

October 11th 2018 is when I got back into planning and this was my desk setup when it all began.
October 11th 2018 is when I got back into planning and this was my desk setup when it all began.

Also, I began planning again in October 2018. And stuff started to accumulate. I wasn’t spending gobs of money on all this. Maybe a few dollars every couple of weeks to grow what I had already started. 

My desk setup as things continued along growing in my bedroom office makeover.

Then, I cleaned my bedroom up once more. I wanted to add more natural light to my desk as I was going to begin to start filming. 

Also, I wanted to start taking high quality photos. So, during Spring Cleaning week, I overhauled my entire bedroom office once more. 

April 2019: 

spring cleaning and redoing my entire bedroom once more

That was before the progress. Notice the photograph is lighter and brighter! Because, I’m slowly learning and growing with this whole process! 

Taking mostly what I already had in the bedroom and just changing the placement of items that were also found in the house, I transformed my bedroom office once more! 

spring cleaning after photo of bedroom office makeover

Now, I was so very proud of my space. Now, I want to be very clear. This is all the same bedroom. This is all the same living space. Also, it is almost all the same furniture and items within the same area. The lighting hasn’t gotten better. It’s always been this sunny in my room.

However, I can say, my photography skills have picked up, just slightly! 

Let’s continue! 

Really quickly. I started filming around this time. xoxPlannerisms on Instagram just started to grow, as well. 

I started doing Youtube videos. Let me tell you, the quality of those were absolutely horrific! Although, I was learning! See an awesomely horrible Youtube video here

I wanted more lighting. I wanted a white backdrop. Finally, I wanted the whole nine. I needed something much brighter! I needed more lights and better quality! To top that off, I needed to learn better quality as well! 

Final Phase of Bedroom Office Makeover: 

So, as you see it above. It’s pretty much how it sat for a good solid four months. For me, that’s a long time! 

Husband wanted to do something I’ve been asking for the longest time. I wanted a workable space to build, grow, and create! 

We went to Menards the day after our one year anniversary of being married (fourteen years of being together, mind you). And he bought me a counter top. He had a plan the entire time. He would take the $40 countertop from Menards and build me the six foot desk of my dreams! 

$40 countertop from the hardware store attached to make one awesome desk

Now, this wasn’t that picure perfect. We swore. We argued. I did my best to listen to the prompt that were provided me. My arm gave out twice when holding up the 2’x4′ against the wall while he attached it. We had to put it back up, level it again, and screw it in. 

However, we got it done! It was amazing. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was SO utterly happy he did it for me. It was the most amazing gift I could have asked for! I absolutely loved every part of it! 

So, after a lot of hard work, dedication, and a whole lot of love. I want to show you my new workspace. It still needs a lot of love. There is still a TON that needs to be done and accomplished. But, everything cost less than $50 to do the entire desk space! 

Before our $50 desk remodel: 


$50 entire bedroom office makeover remodel

And finally, what wouldn’t be complete without an actual video of it as well! 

So, there you have it! $50 transformation. Less than fifty dollars, actually. The countertop, wood, screws, and brackets all cost roughly $45 and I spent maybe $10 at the dollar store on a few odds and ends. 

Wow, I couldn’t be happier. I am so pleased with the space and it’s not even anywhere near done. If you see what I do within a few months time, wait until I come back to show you even more of a transformation! 

Now, I can film and get so many more videos up! I can also take some awesome photographs with my great ‘marble’ backdrop! 

I am so excited! If you want to see more of the progress of updates on the bedroom office makeover, I’ll be sure to post lots of updates on my Instagram! Go check that out

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my makeover. I’ll be sure to post all the little things I do, things I create, and make. Now, you have a little story behind how xoxPlannerisms continued to grow in just a few short months. A lot goes into a business, not only the work, but so much more! 

Thank you all for growing with me! <3