I haven’t had the chance to write in F.O.R.E.V.E.R! 

I have been quite busy with a lot of changes in my life. I have not only started a new job but I’ve blown up with building my brand even bigger than I ever have before! I have worked very hard to make everything where it is today.

Yesterday, in fact, I celebrated having walked into Joann Fabrics for the very first time one year ago that day. One year ago, I walked into that craft store without even a clue that the planner world had expanded to the extent that it had grown! I picked up my very first Happy Planner. I walked out with a classic size, 18 month horizontal. Since then, I’ve gone a little crazy. I believe that I’ve joined a cult of some sort, in which I’m totally OK with. And I’ve made some amazing friends. I’ve learned some life lessons and I’ve earned enough money to purchase a brand new laptop that I’ve been working towards for years and was able to accomplish in just a few months of work! 

I couldn’t be more grateful to the planner community for the love and support I’ve had. I’ve been into planning since I was a grade student with an assigment notebook with my color-coordination with my pen colors per the class I was writing for. Since then, I’ve grown. I have found my calling.

This week’s before the pen spread brings you a week of celebration. I celebrated my son’s 16th birthday. Sixteen! Can you believe it, because I surely cannot! 

We also had a large celebration at my new position and I’ve learned what it was life to have good friends, true friends, that you can grow with in adulthood. I haven’t felt friendship like this in a long time. I’ve been a lot happier and enjoying life a lot more! 

Life can be fun. Friends can be fun. We can have relationships without worrying about the petty bullshit. We can spend time with each other and want to kill each other one moment but love each other the next – true friendship. 

I’ve made a lot of those lately. Everyone has their own relationships and lives but that’s OK because although we’re all busy with our own lives, we’re still VERY much apart of each others. Sometimes spending more time with each other at work than we do our own families. 

I will also post a few photos of my after-the-pen spreads from my business planner that I use my in my Vintage Botanical planner. 

As you can see, although I’ve been very busy in my outside life, I’ve been very busy with my planner life too. I am hoping without the restrictions of being “PERFECT” with SEO that I am able to get more written in this blog!

What would you like to see more of? What should I write about? I can write every day life and lots of tips and tricks with planning too! The possibilities are really endless! Leave me a comment down below and let me know!