I have always been a firm believer about setting goals for the new year. I even went as far as saying, “Instead of goals, I will make ‘propsed accomplishments’ instead because it seems when they’re goals – no one wants to actually achieve them.” No matter the wording of what you’re trying to do, I think it’s a great way to have a positive outlook on the new year. 

How to Set Yourself Up For Success

The best practices I’ve used for setting up goals for the new year include the following steps:

  1. Pick a few goals that immediately come to your mind and write them down. Don’t spend too much time thinking about these goals.
  2. After you have three-five goals in mind. Think of three-five action steps to make those goals a reality. Or write a paragraph breaking down the goal into further detail.
  3. Once the action steps are in place, set a time frame for when you want to accomplish this goal. Don’t say by the end of 2020. Because honestly, new year resolutions all have an end date of the following year and that’s what they’re typically not successful. Just put a time frame for when you’d like to accomplish each action step.

Once you have goals, actions, and a deadline, it should be easy to just do it and put it into place. You have to have the mindset to get any goal achieved no matter what. If you don’t actually want it, you’re not going to actually achieve it. So, just take a step forward, move one step in the right direction – right now, not later. What can you do right now to put one of those actions into place immediately? Don’t wait until the right opportunity because no opportunity will be right. Just move forward in your actions and you will see progress!

goals for 2020 from xoxplannerisms
My goals for 2020 include what I have written above!



Goals should be something that you can achieve, realistic or not. They should be something you’re passionate about. Listed above are four goals I have for myself for 2020. They’re fairly vague, however, they’re very important to me. 

I want to hit onderland in my weight loss journey. With this goal, my action steps include: 

  • making small conscious choices to improve my overall health
  • drinking more water instead of coffee – but building the habit of drinking more water instead of stopping the habit of drinking less coffee 
  • building small good habits that will point the entire picture towards the right direction away from the bad habit – i.e. like eating more food during the day regardless of what it is, just to ensure I’m getting nutrients and calories 

My next goal is to be debt free. My action steps towards this goal are: 

  • make small, conscious decisions towards not purchasing stuff I do not need and instead throwing money into savings
  • another effort would be to go to the ATM instead of purchasing something and getting that money I would have spent at the store out in cash – putting the cash away for a rainy day
  • using my business money to help fund my hobby but also to work towards getting my debt down faster 
  • making small, snowball payments towards mine and Mike’s debt to better get us along with our journey
  • working and pushing as much money towards debt that I can – if it sits in the account, it’s simply going to be spent – so throw as much of it as I can towards debt – and just get it done!

The next goal I have in mind is to be successful with my business. I want to achieve a great accomplishment by saying I’ve reached X amount of dollars in revenue. I wrote $10,000 a year up there, but realistically, I believe that goal will take some time, not just one year. And that’s OK! It’s something I can continue to work on!

Finally, my last goal is to love myself a little more. I want to be a little more positive towards myself. Again, small choices to do the right thing instead of the wrong thing to move towards my goal is ultimately what I’m looking for and what to do to achieve my accomplishments. 

So, what are you goals for 2020? What do you want to achieve? What actions are you taking to work towards those goals? What little choices are you making to take the step in the right direction? 

Leave me a comment below to let me know how you plan on working towards your goals for the upcoming new year!