This weekend was an eventful one. Friday night, my oldest son worked. Since it was the start of the weekend, we decided to splurge and get pizza from our favorite local pizza shop. An hour later, we were engorging in some greasy Chicago pan style pizza. I overate, but was very happy. Little did I know, this was going to set the bar for the evening’s events. 

Around two in the morning, I woke up with extremely painful backache. I thought I needed to crack my back but then I realized this was much worse than just a backache. I got downstairs, and tried sitting, walking around, standing in place, cracking my back… no such luck. I started vomitting uncontrollably. I knew that this was a lot worse than I thought it was originally. I decided to make the decision. I went upstairs, woke up Mike, and we headed to the hospital. selfie before emergency gallbladder removal surgery

We arrived around 3:30 am. By four, I had finally gotten to a room. By seven, I had blood work, urine, and other tests all come back negative. I was wheeled away for a CT scan and by seven in the morning, I had my answer. Infected gallbladder. Immediate surgery needed. Before I knew it, I was upstairs by ten in my new hospital room and being admitted for the evening. I was having emergency surgery by three thirty in the afternoon, just twelve hours after I had arrived. It all happened so quickly. I didn’t have time to really take it all in. 

I was scared to death. I had no idea what was going on. I didn’t expect any of this. I didn’t think any of this would happen! Yet, here I was on the operating table by four in the afternoon on Saturday. I came out of surgery and recovery and back into my hospital room by at least seven that night. I successfully had gotten my infected gallbladder removed. I had no answers, no clue, and no idea what just happened. 

I came home yesterday from the hospital and decided enough was enough. Obviously, if my health wasn’t seriously messed up enough as it was, it was seriously messed up now. I needed to get serious about my diet and exercise and what better than to make some planner pages perfectly for that need!

I made this planner set – it’s a bit cluttered. It’s a bit overdone. I’m not 100% pleased with it, however, I do not care. It’s functional and pretty and it will do exactly what I need it to – get me on track for bettering my health. 

Logging my foods and reactions to them is my new future. Making sure I’m eating adequately and healthily is now my life. Welcome to my new life. 

I know this is a pretty routine surgery. I know that this happens to a lot of people. Hell, I think the surgeon said that 1 in 3 people had their gallbladder removed at some point in their lives. Well, low and behold, at least four or five people out of my forty friends on Facebook all had theirs removed – so it must be true. 

Now, I must keep tabs on what I’m eating, what I’m drinking, and how much I’m taking in. Logging my food and intake, along with how it makes me feel will become a new normal for me, I guess. 

How do you use healthy hero to log your food intake and/or calories for the day? Let me know how you use your fitness/healthy planner to better your health and well-being. 

Healthy Hero Fitness Planner set up for December

Also, thank you all for the well wishes, healthy thoughts, and prayers during this scary time in my life! I really appreciate all of you!