Good morning, everybody. I’m here to tell you about my newest creation – Self-Care Stargazer Happy Planner Expansion Pack. So, two things happened yesterday. 1. I stated I would not go to Joann Fabrics to purchase more planner supplies. 2. I went to Joann Fabrics and purchased more planner supplies. ?‍♀️ Haha! However, in the time frame between these two events, I created something magical. 

Flip Through of my classic Happy Planner Stargazer self-care wellness printable set.

I wanted to create a brand new set of inserts for my Stargazer planner. These inserts will be for self-care and wellness tracking along with spiritual and mental health goals. I worked really hard on them and I do hope you like them as well! 

You can find the Stargazer line of Happy Planner Girls from Michaels and Joann Fabrics stores. Also, find all the Happy Planner products that you see me use every day. These particular inserts are available in my shop! As you can see, I worked extremely hard on these and are particularly proud of them. 

These pages include: 

  • Achievements
  • Being an over-achiever and how you overcame obstacles 
  • What is Working/What Isn’t Working?
  • What to say “YES” more to
  • What to say “NO” more to
  • What are your dreams?
  • What are some rewards you can provide yourself for self care 
  • blank pages
  • half sheets 

You can find these inserts on my Etsy shop for downloadable printable PDF files. Included are (36) pages of PDF images for your Classic or Mini size Happy Planner. Also, you can find an entire video below of how I set up this planner and my goals for Stargazer line for Happy Planner!!!

a view of my entire line of the stargazer matching selfcare wellness set

Finally, here is the video I posted. Sorry about the quality. I have been fighting some serious fights with my video editing software to get this taken care of and done!

Thanks for stopping by everyone. I hope you like it and more to come very soon!!! Don’t forget to like me on Youtube. Follow me on Instagram for all my sneak peeks and lots of updates.