Hello, everyone. Good morning. A lot of people already know of this little secret of mine, but some of you might not. I’m willing to share the ins and outs of my secrets. Dollar Tree has plastic cutting boards that make PERFECT dividers and dashboards. I’m talking perfect. They’re thick, durable, see-through, and frosted. They don’t leave fingerprints. They aren’t completely clear so they don’t usually have a residue. You can decorate them with clear stickers and make them your own. Here’s more about them and how to make your own! 

Cutting boards bought at Dollar Tree make awesome plastic material for crafting including dividers and dashboards for planners.

How to make Dollar Tree Dividers

First off, you need to buy all the Dollar Tree cutting boards. They come in a (2) pack in the kitchen section of the store. They’re typically close to the placemats, cutting boards, and vinyl shelf liners. They are $1 for two sheets of cutting boards. I cut them straight in half at 7″ wide – which make (4) dividers/dashboards each. Or you can cut them into 3.5″ wide dividers and make (8) total.

Because I use the Happy Planner branded punch and it is definitely not MEANT for these, I have to stand and force all my weight on the punch to get through these. They cut super simply with a normal paper trimmer, it’s the punch that I run into problems with. However, standing on it gets the job done. I have done this about a hundred times.

*Advise – I do not advise that you stand on your Happy Planner punch to get through these. I will not be held responsible for a broken punch, or a broken neck. ? Please use these with care and caution!*

Here is the finished product of the cutting boards being cut in half and then punched.

Completed dividers and dashboards for my Happy Planner

For an extra touch, I use a corner punch – which again isnt easy but I definitely cannot stand on that to punch the corners and round them out. 

Extra Details to Add

For my 2020 lineup, I decided to add a little more of a final touch to my dividers and dashboards. I used my Cricut machine and cut out some vinyl lettering to make them a little more spruced up!

Labeling the dividers I made with vinyl stickers.

I also can add some clear stickers that I create or bought to add even more detail to them. However, I decided for my 2020 lineup, I would only add these designs. 

Here is the final product… 

My completed vinyl labeled covers, dashboards, and dividers for my classic Happy Planner

I absolutely loved how they turned out! I will show you one final picture which is how they look in your planner with the frosted, but see-through look. 

My named happy planner front page to protect my paper and beauty on the inside.

As you can see, when it lays down on the sheet behind it, its completely see-through with a slight frosted look to it. When lifted up, its not completely see through but opaque. 

So, what are you waiting for?! Ruuuuun to the nearest Dollar Tree and pick up your cutting boards to make your own dashboards, dividers, or whatever other creations you can think of with these perfect sheets of plastic!