Have you ever found a set of printable stickers but decided that you only wanted one of them but a lot of them? Hi, I’m Nikki from Plans Creatively and I love to offer lots of varieties in my planner sticker kits and sets. Sometimes, I even offer samples of stickers that have many different types so you can pick what you want.

I am going to show you a hack that you can use with just about any Plans Creatively printable planner sticker. **Please note, this may not be allowed for every shop, owner, distributor, or creator of planner stickers. Please follow each shop’s and owners terms and conditions for their stickers. Thank you**

I have sheets of stickers that have many different things on them. Sometimes sample packs have multiple types of stickers of the different items or icons. What if I offer a sample sheet of a payday sticker you would like an entire sheet of? I’ll show you this awesome Cricut hack on how to do just that.

Using the upload and cropping tool of the Cricut Design Space, you can replace entire sticker sheets of multiple different stickers to be exactly the stickers you want multiples of.

Watch my step-by-step guide as I teach you how to use Cricut Design Space to crop your stickers, paste many of them to create custom sheets of stickers of exactly what you need more of.

Isn’t that great? Many different options and so many ways to use them! Check out this tutorial and many more on my Youtube channel. If you like what you saw and want to support me and my dreams, like and subscribe! Also, if you have any questions, feel free to comment below, on my channel, or on any social media outlet I have.

Thanks everyone!