About Plans Creatively

Our Story

Plans Creatively has been a dream of Nikkole’s since she was young and has become a reality.

This dream has become more than just a dream, but a reality in the making over the course of the last few years. Since 2018, when I opened my Etsy Shop, I have been building and growing what it has become. 

Over 2300 items sold, and still creating new content you can say that this was more than just a dream. I have always loved arts and crafts; planning is something I’m passionate about. But, the ability to create something handmade and custom specifically for my audience and customers has a specialty to it all on it’s own.  Creating something for someone who also has a dream they want into a reality is surreal. Being able to take an idea and make it into a physical thing they can see and hold is special to me. 

I strive to do my very best on creating items that are memorable. The process of creating it down to the gifting or sending of the handmade item is near to my heart. Something I have always given my 100% at. 

Customer Service & Dedication

While working an 9 to 5 job in the corporate world, I always stuck to customer service positions. Making sure that the customer was satisfied was what I was paid to do. Those skill sets stuck for life. Add a dose of midwestern nice and you’ve got me aiming to please. That’s how I treat all customers and their ideas. It’s not just about making something for someone else, it’s about the story, the reason, and the meaning behind the process. 

Making handmade crafts and gifts, whether it’s a shirt, a sign for your kitchen, stickers for your planner, or a decal for your car – there’s always a story, meaning, or reason behind the ‘why’ of that perfect item. Although it’s not required to give an entire history, I’ve always found it fascinating and magical to be apart of it. Learning about my customers, building a relationship with them to make sure I fully understand their styles and needs makes for a design that is unique to only them. 

If you have looked through my gallery, saw my work on social media, or have come across something I’ve made and are interested, let me know. I’m pretty open to trying new things and learning the inner workings of those projects to provide quality designs and work. I love thinking outside the box, too. So, if you have an idea that you’d like to discuss to make into a reality, please contact me and give me some details on what you’re thinking of.  

Connection With Customers

Ensuring that my customers get exactly as they pictured, I always ask questions to build a relationship. It doesn’t matter what the request is for a custom item – building a connection with each of my customer’s provides a one-of-a-kind, unique and personalized gift. 

Deeply Committed

I have loved creating for years, but because this is a lifelong destiny and dream, I am committed to creating the perfect item for you. It won’t just be another person creating a crafty item. From the start to the finish, you can believe that it’s what makes my heart the happiest down to it’s core. 

Thorough & Detailed

I have a promise I make to myself and to everyone who orders from me – Unless I would proudly use the item myself, it will not go out. Call it perfectionism or even a little obsessive, but I will not provide anyone a product I wouldn’t use, wear, or proudly display on myself or within my own home. 


Vinyl, matte, holographic, glossy, clear — I love creating stickers. Planner stickers are what got my business started, so of course those are included. Simple stickers like a personalized name for a water bottle or a design specifically for your child’s soccer game – I’ve got you covered. 

Event/Party Items

I have made custom, personalized items for friends and family for their events and parties. Whether they’re invitations, hand sanitizer labels, cute cake toppers, or decorations for your event. Let me know what you have in mind, and I promise honesty of whether or not I can pull it off.

Home Décor

Customized home décor is my second favorite items to make over stickers. Seasonal home décor is something I love getting creative with for my creations. I have a tiered tray that I create items for every holiday and season! Check out the gallery for all the examples.