Affiliate Disclaimer

At Plans Creatively, I have a lot of recommendations for products and materials. These products, I personally stand by and use daily. I will link these products to affiliated sites. Some of the links found at Plans Creatively are with stores like Michaels Craft Stores, Joann Fabrics, Cricut, and Amazon.

Please note, if you are being sent to one of these merchants, I may receive a small commission. No worries, you do not have to do anything on your end! This simply allows Plans Creatively to grow, get bigger, and continue to make content for you.

Promise to my viewers and readers

Something I promise you. Now, you will find there are affiliate links, ads on Plans However, I never promote anything directly to my viewers or readers without recommending the product. Therefore, I have already used it or stand by the brand. Now, I will not provide any direct links to any affiliate sites or products without fully backing the product or brand. With that, I promise I would be willing to or have used this product myself.

What does this mean for my viewers?

It means that if you click on a link, it may be affiliated with a company I am working with. If you go to that site, I may or may not receive a small commission from the product(s) that you purchase or view. Not everything linked here is an affiliate link, however, some links, ads, banners, images, etc. may have an affiliation tie to it. If it is clicked and/or if there is a purchase from clicking that site, I may receive a small commission from that click/purchase.

Now, that is absolutely no money out of your pocket. Also, there is no need to purchase or buy anything. Also, you do not need to pay for anything at all. You don’t have to provide any services, or do anything else!

I just wanted to provide absolute transparency that some of the links, images, and products discussed here may provide a commission. These payments help pay for my blog, website, hosting, and materials used to make products for you!

However, if you have any other concerns, please feel free to read my privacy policy.