Being creative isn’t just a passion of mine, it’s my lifestyle and livelihood. I absolutely love creating custom designs for friends, family, and customers. It’s something I have always dreamed of doing my whole life. Being the designer of something that was just an idea to create it into reality that you can experience with all of your senses. I have a consultation request form if you’re interested in contacting me specifically about something you’d like for me to create. Otherwise, if you would like to reach out to me for any other reason, fill out the form below, or find the other ways to contact me too. Email is probably the best, and safest be to reach me immediately as I check my emails almost constantly. Otherwise, fill out the form below or find me over at social media. 


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414-897-3673 | Monday – Friday


I am located in Milwaukee, WI if you’re looking for something locally made and created. I do offer pick-up orders instead of shipping options as well. If you’re close/local, reach out and support my missions by giving me the ability to make your ideas into reality!

Send us a message or find me on social media.

I can be found on social media @PlansCreatively on Instagram and Twitter otherwise check me out at for even quicker responses via Messenger on Facebook. Email me, or contact me with any questions, requests, ideas, or suggestions. I absolutely love talking to my customers, so reach out today.