Online Cricut Tutorials can be complicated. There are many different classes to choose from. There are also countless guides, tutorials, courses and many other options out there! It can be overwhelming, and, quite frankly, can be expensive! I have always had a love for teaching. A love for sharing my passions, excitement, and most importantly my knowledge about this topic. I can even catch myself getting caught up with talking about the subject until others have to stop me!

Haha, I sometimes have to resist the ability to go on for hours upon hours, especially when it comes to teaching others my knowledge, tips, and growth about the machines, the lingo, the projects, the mediums, etc. I tend to get a little overly-excited and you will not be able to deny my pure joy to share my knowledge with you.

Cricut machines can be overwhelming. The machine! The setup! The process! The projects! Do you start with cardstock, do you buy every roll of vinyl and heat transfer vinyl you can find? What the heck is the difference between heat transfer vinyl and regular vinyl?! Oh, when I say that I can explain this in great depth for hours upon hours, I could! And I would love to share this information with you!

“Where do I even begin!?” is typically how this conversation starts. Often I have friends, family members, colleagues, and acquaintances that provide this exact question! Whether or not you are brand new to the crafting world or an expert – there’s always something new to learn, tips and tricks to get the secrets about, and having a friend to connect with who share the equal values and interests as you. It doesn’t have to just be a consultation to teach you the ins-and-outs about all the bells and whistles about the Cricut machines, but also to connect with a real person who just gets it!

The frustration does not have to get the best of you! That’s why I’m here, your new buddy to explain everything you need to know. Plus, connecting with those who just get it. We are like-minded individuals and recently went through a world where connection made things hard. Not to mention the fact that everyone got more comfortable with those connections being online instead of in-person. The frustration might even cause you to have an unopened Cricut box collecting dust because that gosh darn machine is just SCARY!

Fear no more! I’m more than happy to provide you with some enlightenment with some guidance to get you to dive in. I’ve been there, I’ve known others who helped me when I was there. And now, I’m confident enough with years under my belt of experience to know that I can guide you too!

These consultations, phone calls, tutorials, and “meet ups” aren’t to downsize your confidence, but instead to build it up! No matter what your level of understanding or expertise is in the topic of being able to craft with a Cricut machine, there’s always room to connect over such vastness of possibilities.

There are a few options to connect with time-frames that are listed available – also options that will provide you with different topics to try to “stay on course” when it comes to the conversation during these consultations. This also provides a bit of a guideline and rubric that will help stay on topic to ensure that we both get the most out of the meeting – whether it is online, face-to-face, via phone, or facetime/zoom.

So, what are you waiting for? I would be more than happy, and overjoyed to schedule a time for us to connect. Pick a package below, select where your comfort level is. Choose where your expertise level is, and be honest with yourself of what you want to seek and gain with the meeting. I suggest having a few things ready before deciding:

  • Be honest with your comfort vs knowledge level. If you’re an expert – great, but consider doing the advanced meeting to learn something you might not have known before. If you’re a brand new-in-the-box, cold-feet user of a Cricut machine, don’t jump into the expert level.
  • Write down some notes for yourself, and for me, for the meeting. That will ensure you have your answers no matter what when the time-frame is up and having to schedule a secondary meeting just for those answers.
  • Consider what you’d like to solely focus on during the meeting and have tunnel-vision while we have our discussion.
  • Ensure that you’re scheduling your time and consultation during a time where you’ll be able to fully-focus your energy into the meeting. Be mindful of your time, energy, and availability. You’re going to be given a lot of valuable information during these small few hours, and having kids interrupting will not provide you with that best value!
  • Take in to consideration that you might want to dive into the medium-levels of the tutorials so you can “get the most out of your money” but, will you receive the best tricks/tips for that class if we’re focusing only on how to set the machine up?
  • Consider scheduling multiple classes to learn as much as you can while all the information is still fresh. If we schedule a beginner’s class and an intermediate class in the same week you might get the best out of diving right in. If you’re someone who needs to take a few weeks to process the information – for practice, for time to get your own groove, or just to get used to what you learned – schedule it out a little further. Again, be honest with yourself.

So, grab your cup of coffee, tea, or your favorite beverage and sit down and let’s get you confident in using that Cricut machine! We will have a lot of fun. We will get you knowledgeable, able to know how to make a project, build your confidence in the projects you will create, and we will get you to dust off that machine with ease!

Plus, having a friend who totally gets it. Totally understands what it’s like to be intimidated, overwhelmed, and sometimes a little fearful of getting into the best hobby ever! I’ll be that friend. One that loves what she does, and will easily put you under the wing of a friend who will passionately, understand. Let’s be friends! Let’s connect! And let’s get to chatting and crafting!

Phone Call/Face-Time
1-Hour Consultation
Unboxing Setup – Confidence Building – First Project Tutorials – Cricut Design Space Basics

Phone Call/Face-Time
2-Hour Consultation
Cricut Design Space How-To, Create and Make Basics, Beginner Projects, Intro to Materials

Phone Call/Face-Time
2-Hour Consultation
Vinyl & Heat Transfer Vinyl Projects, Mirroring Images, Weeding HTV, Transfer Tape, Basics for Apparel

Phone Call/Face-Time
2-Hour Consultation
Paper Crafting, Handmade Cards, Adhesives, Tools to Use, Lingo, Attachments, Save Materials

Phone Call/Face-Time
2-Hour Consultation
Cricut Access (must be subscribed) projects, advanced projects, advanced Cricut Design Space use

Phone Call/Face-Time
2-Hour Consultation
Advanced projects of all types, tips, tricks, and time-saving productivity, customizing your own designs

*** At this current time – some of the options are not available. However, I’d be more than happy to discuss the other options when fully confirming the booking of the appointment and confirmation of the payment received. The items that are unavailable/crossed off — purchase the consultation that is nearest to the one you’re requesting. This is in relations to the Intermediate III is available but the serving app that I am currently using limits the number of services provided. So, please be sure to note that in the notes section during the scheduling of your consultation — Just place in “I’d like to have Intermediate III” in the notes, or something along those lines.


All Beginner’s are the same price, all intermediate are the same price, all the experts are the same price – so if the Intermediate III is crossed off and not available or shown within the options below — Select Intermediate I or II.


Appointments are confirmed via booking application used for scheduling. I will also confirm the appointment by reaching out to you to request payment before appointment — **The appointment will not be booked and locked in for scheduled until the payment is received** Payments can be processed via Venmo, Cash App, or PayPal.