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Instructions for Plans Creatively's printable inserts and more

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All of my inserts, printable expansion packs, and bundles come in PDF format. You can read PDF formatted files and documents on almost all computers. If for whatever reason you have any problem opening or reading a PDF formatted file, please check out (not affiliated) to receive a PDF reader.

Almost all of my printable files will state which size they are. Typically, my files come in three different sizes:

Big/US Letter – 8.5″ x 11″ — these are standard letter size for US printers. Please see below how you can resize almost all US Letter printable file to fit your specific planner – most can be converted to fit any size planner.

Classic size Happy Planner – 7″ x 9.25″ — these are typically sized for classic size Happy Planners. Because I strictly use Happy Planner brand and planners, I gear most of my inserts to fit the classic/mini sizes. However, as previously stated, you can resize and scale US letter printable files to fit just about any size planner – see below for more info.

Mini size Happy Planner – 5.12″ x 7″ — these are typically sized for the mini size Happy Planners. Again, I strictly use Happy Planner brand planners so I gear my printable files and content to be sized for all three size Happy Planner sizes.

**Other sizes I include occasionally**

I do have a tenancy to sometimes include what are called ‘half-size’ or ‘half-sheet’ classic planner sizes or ‘skinny-mini’ size planner pages. These are special sizes that are half sheet sized for the classic and mini Happy Planner sizes.

For an easy-to-use guide and easier visual. I made a printable guide for your planner. Simply click and print off the image below or click on the image to download the PDF format of this file for easy printing.

Plan Creatively printable planner insert guide for resizing printable inserts for all types of planners.

As you can see, there are five main sizes for many different planners that are out there. *This is a limited list as I don’t have the resources or references for all planner types. Please look up your specific planner’s sizes if they are not listed above.

Each image references the size of the page itself for cutting purposes. It also lists which planners come in these sizes and also how much to scale your PDF file to print to fit these sizes when printing off PDF formatted files to fit your planner.

How to scale PDF files to fit your planner insert with any size US letter printable for any size planner

Make sure to select the option that allows ‘scaling’ to be set to a percentage. My PDF reader – Adobe Acrobat has to be selected to: “Tile All Pages” before I can scale the file. I can then select the percentage for my printable sizes. Typically I leave the overlap size as default. I usually select and check the “cut marks” option as sometimes this allows cut marks for easy cutting and sizing when your printable comes out.

This should provide a perfectly scaled, centered file that can be printed double-sided for all the pages in the printable file.

For Step-By-Step Tutorials and Guides please check out these resources.
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