Craft Portfolio

My previous work portfolio is all the craft items I’ve created in the past. I have a lot of creations that I’ve made in the past that have been requested by friends, family, and others. While I typically don’t have these specific items on sale at all times – I wanted to display previous work so that way you’re able to see what I’m capable of making for myself and others. This will give you an idea of the array of mediums, crafts, and techniques that I’m able to make.

I have made so many different things for friends, family, and others. And, a lot of time because they are custom requests, I don’t offer them in my shop, or on Etsy to others because they are usually an one-time creation. But, that doesn’t mean I cannot make it again and again. Or make another type of design with the same concept, technique, medium, or type of craft.

Below you’re going to see an example of all the work that I’ve made. Whether it’s custom t-shirts for friends and family, design work for clients and other businesses, fun crafts that I thought I’d make on a rainy day, and more. There are so many different possibilities of what I’ve created and I want to share those with you. My hobbies include a lot of different mediums, paper crafting, t-shirt design work with HTV, scrapbooking and card making, sticker creations, vinyl designs, home décor, and much more.

Of course, if you like what you see, and want to have something specifically made for you – contact me – and let me know how I can create something for you. We can discuss details, prices, and design work!

Vinyl and HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) Items I’ve Made

There are quite a few vinyl stickers, HTV decals, and apparel items I’ve created for my friends, family, and loved ones. I’ve also gotten quite a few requests from complete strangers to create their perfect items for them. Whether it’s a sticker for their car, or a t-shirt for their upcoming event. I’m going to show you all the random items I’ve created for these customers. Check out these items and see what I’m capable of creating.

Home Décor Items I’ve Made

My home décor items are a little different from some of my other creations. This is only because I mostly make home decorations for my own home and not necessarily for others. I have made a few items for others, but most of the items shown below were for my own personal use. Doesn’t mean that I won’t make something for you, too! This is mostly something I make for my own style and personal needs for a lot of seasonal times and displays that I have.

Paper Crafts are my favorite thing to create!!!

Paper Crafts are the best thing for me to show my creativity. There are so many great things you can make with paper. The possibilities and creativity really are endless. Whether it’s an 3D type design that I’ve made from paper, a card for a friend, and lots of other stationary type items. These are all the paper-type crafts that I’ve made.

And, finally, of course, My Planner Items!

And finally, of course, I have my planner items. Whether it’s my inserts, my pages, my stickers, and all things planner! I have made a lot of different types of planner creations and so I wanted to showcase these planner items as well!