While I sell many different items – there are a lot of items that I make customized and personalized for each individual customer and client. I have a pricing guide – which will be listed below. With disclaimer that every item is subjected to have some change due to customization/personalization. Also, depending upon the options or examples that are provided with customization per each individual customer — these prices may vary with these options applied. Customization and personalization are often included with a consultation to meet with the customer/client to get direct ideas and examples discussed. These consultations are scheduled with the customer prior to examples being made. Examples are given with a secondary meeting to discuss any additional edits or changes needed. Once the secondary example is agreed upon by both myself and the client, the item, gift, or design will be created. The consultations are often not included with the cost of the product – but all prices listed below are the price of the actual final product. These costs will be asked to be paid before the items will be created. (A consultation with example will need to be paid prior to work being made to create the actual product + The finalized example being made into a physical or digital product will be paid prior to delivery of finalized item.) A finalized product will be delivered. Consultations range in price from $0-$100 depending on time, intricacy, and detail of the nature of the product being made. While product prices will also vary depending upon options like intricacies, color, details, and number of items being made. Any and all questions are requested to be asked PRIOR to scheduling consultations. And any and all questions are required to be made PRIOR to receiving the finalized product.

Items listed above are limited to but not reserved – meaning, I do create other items, too. If you have seen my social media or online work, or if you saw that I’ve made something I’ve shown in person, and you’re interested in a creation that is like this – please, let me know! I have no problems with special request, customized designs, and items that will work perfectly FOR YOU! These requests are actually the reason why I got into this line of work – it’s what provides the “fire in my soul” and the “rage within my madness”, lol. Honestly though, it’s the reason why I love to do what I do – It’s one thing to go to a store and get something that has been mass-produced for everyone; it’s another thing to get something that is one-of-a-kind that is specifically for you, just you. That is why I love what I do, and love what I provide to my customers! It makes it personal, made with love, and specifically with your story, you reason, and your request for these items in mind.