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  • Customized T-shirts, you’ve seen them everywhere. Whether it’s a quote, design, or words that say exactly what you cannot. These custom t-shirts can be made for so many different things. If you have an idea or design that you have in mind, request a customized t-shirt from my shop. These shirts are customizable in aspects of words, designs, and quotes. I am limited to using HTV – heat transfer vinyl only. Therefore, there is no sublimination type designs that can be used. Sublimination is a multiple color design, graphic, or image. Think of a shirt with just words, letters, or quotes. With a few small shapes of designs. Similar to this shirt. The shirts can be customized with multiple colors but added price and cost will be required depending on the color and time/work that is requested. These items are not limited to just t-shirts. These iron-on decals can be added to hoodies, hats, pants, and any apparel items.

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