Hello, and welcome to Plans Creatively. I am Nikki, owner and planner obsessed operator of this site. You will find a lot of goodies here – all planning and planner related. Now, what’s stopping you? Take a look around, and check out what we have to offer! We’re all friends in the planner community!

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A little bit about me: I’m Nikki. I’m a thirty-something wife and mother of two boys who are in middle school & high school. I’m a goal-getter who is constantly learning and trying to (over) achieve my next level. As a Type-A personality, you can see that I’m constantly trying to improve or better whatever it is I’m currently working on.

I’ve been apart of the planning community since as early as 2014 – before there were hundreds of options to choose from. Especially before the ease of walking into a local craft store and having hundreds of options to choose from. You can call me an OG planner girl.

I’m an open book! Ask me anything. I cannot wait to get to know you and have you get to know me, too!

At Plans Creatively, you’ll find an outlet for a lot of my creative avenues including my Etsy Shop, my store (coming soon), tutorials on how to use a lot of my products – including stickers and inserts, my YouTube videos, my blog posts on DIY and How-To tips, and so much more!

Plans Creatively started off as a small business named xoxPlannerisms and then was shortly after changed to Plans Creatively. I had owned and operated xoxPlannerisms for about a year before decided to rebrand and change the name. For more reasons than this, I just felt xoxPlannerisms was a little too complicated to explain, remember, and be quick to roll off the tongue. You can find out more about the history of xoxPlannerisms which is now Plans Creatively by reading more on my blog.

Planning has always been a passion of mine. Creatively designing products that not only serve as a decorative outlet but also a functional way of life has been something I’ve learned over the years.

See how I set up my 2020 planner!

Here is a quick flip-through of my 2020 planner in my expander discs for the classic size Happy Planner. I am using the frankenplanner method with five planners in one set of discs.

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So, I wanted to say, welcome to Plans Creatively! Take some time to take a look around and feel free to get in touch! I want to grow this blog as a place to not only learn about planning but how to plan creatively! Whether it’s planning your every-day life, your home life, family, work, or anything … Planning Creatively is so much more fun! So, let us learn from each other. Teach each other a few things and learn things along the way. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to check out everything we have to offer here!