Unfortunately, your consultation and meeting for learning about Cricut has been not been scheduled properly.

Please press “BACK” on your browser and go back to read what the error might have been. Whether it was an error, a conflict in the schedule, or an error with the booking due to over-booked, time not being available.

Ensure that your scheduled time/meeting was successfully scheduled by clicking back on your browser, correcting the error, and re-submitting. If there are any additional conflicts or problems in the back end of something going on, I will reach out. If you have any concerns, questions, or problems, please reach out via email. planscreatively@gmail.com; subject line: Scheduling Conflict/Error and explain the issue with or without a screenshot.

Thank you in advance for scheduling; don’t get discouraged, try again. I’ll be so sad if we don’t get it done for you and I to be able to meet and get your scheduled meeting to learn your new machine!