Tag: Planner Creations

Planner creations are where I share all my different, unique ways of using a planner. I use multiple planners in one set of the disc-bound system. I currently am using the Happy Planner brand.

You can check out my planner creations by checking out this category of blogs. Here, I will show you how I create and decorate unique ways to use your planner.

You can create different styles and sheets to go into your Happy Planner with just using plain paper and a highlighter. Also, you can utilize stickers and lots more decorative options!

So, the possibilities are endless and you can create as much as your heart desires. With a little creativity and some step-by-step guides to how to create them, you too can create works of art!

Your planners are not just a tool to keep your to-do list. Think of a planner as a journal, or a guide to creating for years of logging information! Your great grandchildren can look at these some day. They would be able to see just want everyday life looked like!

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