Who says planning needs to be boring? Let’s plan a life we love, and create what we wish existed!

Hello, viewers and supporters of Plans Creatively, LLC! Welcome to my website and little sliver of belief, hopes, and dreams on the internet! I’d love to tell you a little about my shop, history, and journey of how I’ve gotten to be where I am so far. But first, I’d like to introduce myself. This blog, website, Etsy shop, and little brand isn’t JUST for planning, though! It’s for so much more! We plan every single day of our lives for all sorts of events, timelines, and milestones that we celebrate. Planning birthday parties and wedding celebrations, self-care, self-love and so much more. So, the items you find here within this shop aren’t just for planners. You can find cards, t-shirts, decor, celebration and party events and decorations and so much more! This shop and brand is a key element to show my artistic and creative side. My personal spin of beauty, art, and creative endeavors to share with those I love and all over the world within my Etsy shop.

I’m Nikkole, but go by Nikki, unless I’m getting called by my parents – so the name being screamed across the yard would be – Nik (lol). I am the sole-owner of Plans Creatively, LLC. I have always had a vision of owning an online store, blog with tutorials and how-to guides, classes and one-on-one virtual meetings to learn and understand your machines, and ways to sell what I passionately LOVE to create! I had a lot of creativity and with a broad knowledge to make a lot of different items, both physical and digitally. I have been teaching myself web design, graphics, creative crafting, coding, e-commerce since owning our first computer. Since I was about ten years old, being creative and designing has always been a passion of mine, and I have tried to grow that knowledge with pace being “slow and steady wins the race” mentality. Get rich schemes never really made the desires within me. I don’t do what I do for the money and big numbers in the bank – I do it for the passion, love, and creativity of “thinking outside the box”.

However, I’ve discovered my unique abilities and have been growing my knowledge and persistence to try new things. I refuse to give up when it comes to falling short. I also refuse to give up when I’ve been turned down and/or turned away with my skills. I am a person who often likes to work alone because my creative brain can be quite chaotic! Since I was a young age, I have been gravitating towards planning, paper crafting, and DIY decor as my three biggest creative outlets.

I do hope to continue to learn and grow in all three of these favorites. Which will include sharing the items I’ve made for myself and friends with all of you!

Plans Creatively started off as a printable planner sticker/insert shop and have turned into much more. While I still love making customized planners stickers, I have really embraced my uniqueness. As I continue to learn (and grow) I hope to start making digital DIY craft items for printing and cutting. I also would like to begin making some physical items to ship as well. It also opened my creativity into many different mediumships – including different techniques of colors, types of crafting materials: HTV, Sublimination, paper crafting, 3D paper creations, handmade gifts and designs, and digitalized customizations. I’d love to show you some of these examples:

Obviously, these are all really big dreams. I think I have the persistence to try to get there someday. So, I’m excited to keep trying, growing, and learning. I’ve been adding tutorial videos and quick guides to my Blog/Website (see below) on how to use a lot of the products I’m offering. So, be sure to check me out there, and on social media too!,

As always, thank you ALL for your love, kindness, and support. You’re the rest I keep doing this. And you’re all so appreciated!!!

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