Learn about Plans Creatively

Welcome to Plans Creatively! I am Nikki, the owner, operator, designer, and creator of all that you see here. I hope you stick around for a while, take a look at what there’s to offer, and maybe connect with me. I’d love to tell you a little more about myself, and the small dream you see here.

I am in my later-thirties, mother of two boys (18,13) and a wife to a wonderful, supportive man. I’ve always been a little more bold and brighter in this world, and choose to express myself and my creativity through crafting. From a young child who colored, to someone who loved papercrafts and scrapbooking years before my means, and then finding a place in my heart to add paper planner crafting when I fell in love with the Happy Planner products. I have always had a way to show the world what I can do with something creative. Planning was a passion that has always been near and dear in my heart. From Myspace coding days, to blogging for years, to learning web design, graphic design and having a few handfuls of websites since – I finally found a way to incorporate all my learnings and loves in one – I created Plans Creatively.

Why Plans Creatively?

a box full of stickers made by me of honey bees and cute designs
Example of some stickers I’ve made for my planners, scrapbooks, and sticker shop.

This wasn’t my first name choice, in fact, I went through a few other trials before this one stuck. While I still have days where adult ADHD brain takes over and makes me want to rebrand everything – Plans Creatively has always felt right. Founded in 2018, I have been working on this creation since. From printable planner stickers on Etsy as a digital download, to branching into making my own physical copies to ship to customers, I always have had a mindset to grow. The sky is the limit in my books of hopes and dreams, and that’s where you’ll always find me.

Although, planning isn’t the only passion project of mine. As some have mentioned that they’re a “Jill-of-all-trades”, I don’t feel I’m much different from them. Once I received my first Cricut machine, I really took off in many different avenues, trying various crafting projects. One thing has remained the same since youth – paper crafts. Whether it’s scrapbooking, card-making, or creating 3D projects with paper, I’m learning new techniques all the time. Creating stickers for crafting is my favorite, though. I love to create cool stickers for water bottles, functional stickers for planner spreads, and neat add-ons for your scrapbooking layout. I really feel the possibilities are endless. You have a way to express yourself through art and creativity when using stickers. Or, perhaps I’m still a child at heart who loves to play with their many designs.

It’s not just about planning, though.

Graduation Tiered Tray Décor

There are a few other examples of crafting I love to do. These crafts include vinyl and heat transfer vinyl (HTV) designs and decals. Either on apparel, as stickers, canvas bags, or making event t-shirts specifically for my customer’s needs. Seasonal designs, décor, and items for a tiered tray project is something else I absolutely love. I think in general, decorating for the seasons and holidays holds a special place in my heart. I have also been teaching myself web design, graphic design, and dabbling in a few different online projects for years. Blogging is something I’ve done recreationally since I was a teenager. My way to express to the world all the many thoughts and dreams I share within.

But, I ultimately choose to promote everything through kindness and love. I want to be able to connect to my customers, hear the stories behind the why/what/who their getting their items for. Hearing them speak with passion about the project they hope to trust me with, and seeing them light up is why I do this. For other business owners, creating a t-shirt could just be making them a shirt for a party. For me, hearing the excitement in their voice, explaining why the inside joke or sentimental words on the shirt is the best part. Seeing them light up when they explain the color choices, and the thought that went into it. That brings me so much joy to help be able to provide that perfect item for them. I love creating specifically for my customers.

About the dream of creative planning

Plans Creatively was created to focus on just that. Planning your life to add creativity in your life in many ways. There’s a saying I’ve always had, “create the things you wish existed, and plan the life you love”. That is my vision for Plans Creatively – creatively planning ahead for your life. It doesn’t have to include actual planning if that isn’t your thing, but adding creativity in your life while planning ahead for your future, events, or needs. This provides me an outlet for creativity, but also a small bit of income while fighting many years of mental health and illness.

Our wellness is important, too!

I have been learning to be a voice and advocate for my health. I strongly feel that being a voice for your physical and mental health is important. It hasn’t been an easy journey for me as I have faced many different struggles through this. I am disabled that has hindered my ability to work a normal 9-5 job. Although I have tried my best to strive in this category, I have fallen short from being consistent. Having to put my health, well-being, and self first in the focus of my life, I have had to put the corporate world aside. Financially, this is unrealistic in today’s world, but I have done my best to still bring in to assist and provide for my family. Since a lot of my focus has been on my mental and physical health, many of my products also focus on this, as well. There should be no stigma regarding our own well beings, I am doing my part to remove the stigma by making products that help the stigma to be normalized.

Now, you know…

So, there you have it. The reason and making of Plans Creatively. How I created this business has been nothing short of a dream and miracles provided to me. It hasn’t been easy, and I have fought hard to keep it afloat. Something that has been more than just a passion project for me, more of a lifetime dream and goal in the making. My outlet for creativity, reason to learn and grow. And, realistically, my reason to get up each day and continue to try and try again towards making something in this world for myself. With a supportive husband, and children, and the mentality that I can be successful through growth within my life – it will be everything I dreamed and more.

So, take a look around. Check out the shop and see what I’ve been creating. Don’t see what you want, but love the style, give me a message and let me know how I can create something for you. Want to check out my Etsy shop? Check it out, too, while you’re at it. Find me on social media, too! I have almost all of them. Facebook, where I often converse with close friends and many, many groups. Instagram, where I love to share photos of my current work and upcoming projects. I even dabble on TikTok every now and again.

Thank YOU for checking me out, supporting my small business dreams, and all the love and kindness you’ve provided. Knowing that I’ve made a difference somewhere in the world through creativity is why I do this every day. I do appreciate you, and hope that you loved what you saw here.